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We pay from £0 to £1500 for salvage / scrap vehicles and we can collect 24/7

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Recycle your vehicle

Following the dramatic increase in theft of metals in recent years, UK Government has introduced new legislation to regulate the vehicle dismantling and scrap metal industry.

G&A Vehicle Recycling holds all relevant licenses. We pay from £0 to £1500 for salvage / scrap vehicles.

Firstly our recycling centre is licensed by the environment agencies to recycle scrap cars in accordance with the End of Life Vehicle Regulations 2003

More recently, the introduction of the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 requires all recycling centres in England and Wales to be licensed by the relevant Local Authority as a scrap metal dealer. So you can trust G and A Vehicle Recycling to recycle your car responsibly without any repercussions for you.

All vehicle dismantlers/ scrap yards/ mobile operators will have to display these new licenses, which you should check before handing over your car. The Environment Agency will also be keeping an on-line list of registered ‘dealers’ which you will be able to use to check anybody offering to dispose of your old vehicle.

Your DVLA Certificate of Destruction

If your car is to be scrapped, once your car has arrived on site, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction using our secure online link to the DVLA vehicle registration database. This can be done while you wait, or we can send it instantly via e-mail or post to an address of your choice. The only payment methods acceptable by law are cheque, bank transfer or other electronic methods (such as credit card reverse payments). We can also make payments via Paypal

What you need to know when scrapping or selling your car.


From 1st October 2013 vehicle dismantlers & scrap yards are banned from using cash to pay for scrap cars. It will also be an offence to sell scrap cars to vehicle dismantlers and scrap yards and accept cash. The only payment methods acceptable will be cheque, bank transfer or other electronic methods (such as credit card reverse payments). We can also make payment via Paypal.

If you are offered cash then rest assured this is an illegal operator and you will be committing an offence by completing the transaction. Vehicle dismantlers and scrap yards will now also be required to obtain proof of identity of all sellers and they will need to record this (by taking a scan, photocopy or digital image).

Please contact us so you know you aren't breaking the law.

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